26 June 2020


Burnham Park

Burnham Park, officially known as the Burnham Park Reservation, is a historic urban park located in downtown Baguio, Philippines. It was designed by American architect and Baguio city planner, Daniel Burnham who is also the namesake of the park.


Burnham Park was envisioned by American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham as part of a larger plan for the city of Baguio in 1905. Burnham worked with William E. Parsons in coming up with plans for the city of Baguio, as well as the capital city of Manila.[4] The area where Burnham Park is situated was formerly known as ‘Baguio Meadow”.


Burnham’s role in establishing the park is acknowledged through a bust bearing his likeness and a plaque located at one end of the park.


The park’s design is influenced from the City Beautiful movement; It has a small pond or lagoon situated at the green space’s center and has and has regimented rows of grass and sidewalk.[6] According to the Baguio Heritage Foundation in 2014, only the open field often used for football and the Melvin Jones Grandstand adhere to Burnham’s original design for the park.